Greenbank Synagogue – Liverpool- March – 14

Greenbank synagogue was built in 1936 to a design by architect Alfred Ernest Shennan and consecrated on August 15,1937. It became a refuge for homeless families in the Blitz. This historic city synagogue which closed after 70 years has been saved for future generations.

greenbank Synagogue-44 greenbank Synagogue-39 greenbank Synagogue-38 greenbank Synagogue-35 greenbank Synagogue-34 greenbank Synagogue-33 greenbank Synagogue-31 greenbank Synagogue-30 greenbank Synagogue-27 greenbank Synagogue-26 greenbank Synagogue-22 greenbank Synagogue-18 greenbank Synagogue-16 greenbank Synagogue-6 greenbank Synagogue-5 greenbank Synagogue-4 greenbank Synagogue-3 greenbank Synagogue-1


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