Rossendale General Hospital – Rossendale – October 2013

Having heard it was getting demolished after it’s 2012 closure, I knew it was going to go down quickly. So knowing builders were on site me and a few others set off early enough to have a few hours wandering around the site. On this occasion the old building on the site was the only one that I have pictures off. Closed in 2010 it is now in the process of demolition. The old hospital began life, in part as Haslingden Workhouse, in the late 1860s and an infirmary was only established on site in 1912. This was known as Moorlands Infirmary before the name change to Rossendale General Hospital after the Second World War.

Rossendale Hospital 1

Rossendale Hospital 2

Rossendale Hospital 4

Rossendale Hospital 5

Rossendale Hospital 6

Rossendale Hospital 7

Rossendale Hospital 8

Rossendale Hospital 9

Rossendale Hospital 10

Rossendale Hospital 11

Rossendale Hospital 13

Rossendale Hospital 14


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