Reins Mill – Huddersfield – October 2013

Situated in the village of Honley this mill appeared to be last used in some capacity as a garage/MOT centre in 2008. This was one of two mills that I managed to access on a long list of Huddersfield leads I had to look at on the day.

Reins Mill 1

Reins Mill 2

Reins Mill 4

Reins Mill 6

Reins Mill 9

Reins Mill 10

Reins Mill 11

Reins Mill 12

Reins Mill 13

Reins Mill 14

Reins Mill 15

Reins Mill 16

Reins Mill 17

Reins Mill 18

Reins Mill 19

Reins Mill 20

Reins Mill 23

Reins Mill 24

Reins Mill 25


6 thoughts on “Reins Mill – Huddersfield – October 2013

  1. Brilliant! This was my gt. grandfathers mill/dye works in late 1900s. I have been in one but your PIC. Are so much better than mine.

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