St George’s Hospital – Morpeth – October 2013

After visiting Ushaw college we thought we’d make the most of being in the North East and visit St George’s Hospital. I initially thought that it was going to be disappointing having spent 10 or so minutes navigating through the plain,samey wards/office type rooms but the more I walked around, the more it felt and looked like the typical asylums. Vandals/natural decay has taken it’s toll since the days this started appearing on the internet. The Northumberland County Pauper Lunatic Asylum designed by architect Henry Welch opened in 1859, and was designed to accommodate 200 patients. In 1890 the asylum was renamed the County Mental Hospital then in 1937 the name was changed to St. George’s Hospital. The site has lain derelict since the late 90’s. In 2006 a more modern secure unit was built next to the site, and services transferred over.


St Georges Asylum 0

St Georges Asylum 3

St Georges Asylum 4

St Georges Asylum 7

St Georges Asylum 8

St Georges Asylum 9

St Georges Asylum 12

St Georges Asylum 13

St Georges Asylum 14

St Georges Asylum 15

St Georges Asylum 16

St Georges Asylum 17

St Georges Asylum 20

St Georges Asylum 21

St Georges Asylum 23

St Georges Asylum 25

St Georges Asylum 26

St Georges Asylum 28

St Georges Asylum 30


13 thoughts on “St George’s Hospital – Morpeth – October 2013

  1. Amazing photos Jonathon! Is the building open for the public to wander round or did you have to get permission to go in? We’re researching for a documentary about derelict buildings and restoration sites and we’re really keen to feature St George’s. Do you have any contacts with the owners of the site?

  2. the shot with the baths and the ivy is amazing, after st marys in stannington was a massive let down im desperate for some proper exploring!! cheers

  3. I am doing a photography project in school,St Georges is about a 20 minute walk from where i live,I only know a way to get onto the site as i have been there and i only know one way to get into the building near the nursing homes,Would appreciate if you could help me out here,I have no intentions to do any criminal activities,Is there any other way to get into the actual building?

  4. amazing place we have been in many times.. theres always something new to look at security patrol frequently but with a stealth you can gain access.. work is due to start on it this summer so if you want to explore it do it now! we plan on going back a few more times before it gets renovated.

  5. Went today to the modern hospital on a visit. Was fascinated by the original asylum! There was no explanation about this anywhere. Have now looked at photos of various rooms including the magnificent hall and lovely frontage and windows. Hope when the company, who bought the building build houses there, the main part of the 19th century buildings will be listed. I believe there is a tower church/tower. There should be a leaflet detailing the history of the old asylum in the modern hospital.

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