CWM Coking Works – Beddau – August 2013

Cwm Coke’s origins lie with the Great Western Railway and it’s insatiable hunger for coal. The GWR sunk pits at the Cwm site in 1909 as well as in other areas of the Rhondda, but Cwm didn’t become known for it’s coke until 1958 when the coking ovens and associated plant for producing coke and refining the by-products of the coking process were installed. During this time the existing colliery site saw a £9 million investment, by the 1970’s the two pits ‘Margaret’ and ‘Mildred’ and the coking plant were the workplace of 1,500 men this combined effort produced 515,000 tons of coke per annum. The colliery continued production of coal right up until privatisation of the National Coal Board in 1986. The coking plant remained in use until 2002 producing the low sulfur coke that the foundries of Port Talbot required.

 CWM Coke works 1

CWM Coke works 3

CWM Coke works 7

CWM Coke works 8

CWM Coke works 14

CWM Coke works 15

CWM Coke works 19

CWM Coke works 21

CWM Coke works 22

CWM Coke works 24

CWM Coke works 26

CWM Coke works 29

CWM Coke works 30

CWM Coke works 31

CWM Coke works 34

CWM Coke works 35

CWM Coke works 36

CWM Coke works 37

CWM Coke works 38

CWM Coke works 40

CWM Coke works 45


8 thoughts on “CWM Coking Works – Beddau – August 2013

  1. My dad and his two brothers worked at the cwm for about 28 years. My dad took me on the coke car when I was little. The stories he used to tell me.

  2. I love this place. I grew up in Beddau just over the field from the Cwm. I always remember how my bedroom was never dark because the flame and lights would illuminate the surrounding fields houses. I’ve never been brave enough to go in side but me and my son regularly walk up to the top of the tip behind. Quick question, did you find the air raid siren on your visit? It used to go off every Wednesday morning I’d love to know where in the building that sound was coming from. If you do want to see it again in all its glory, I’d come soon if I were you. I don’t think it’ll be here much longer: As for pictures of the works in operation I will look through some old photo albums and see if I can find any.

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