Ski Village – Sheffield – July 2013

Built at a cost of £2.5 million by city entrepreneur John Fleetham, and unveiled in 1988, in its heyday Sheffield’s Ski Village attracted 180,000 visitors a year.The country’s top skiers would gravitate to the city just to use the state-of-the-art site.A national training centre was developed for the British Ski Federation, with a 30-degree ramp and a 60ft pool for skiers to practise twists, turns and somersaults into water.Facilities grew to include a bowling alley and space for children’s birthday parties and even weddings.Today the news the ski village will likely never re-open marks a ‘sad day for Sheffield’, politicians said.

Ski Village 1

Ski Village 10

Ski Village 9

Ski Village 8

Ski Village 7

Ski Village 6

Ski Village 5

Ski Village 4

Ski Village 3

Ski Village 2




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