Cannon Brewery – Sheffield – July 2013

Stones Brewery was a regional brewery founded in 1868 by William Stones of Sheffield. William Stones had started brewing in 1847 in Sheffield with Joseph Watts. Following Watts’ death in 1854 Stones continued brewing by himself. In 1868 he purchased the lease of the Neepsend Brewery, and renamed it the Cannon Brewery, and he continued to brew there until his death in 1894. The company was taken over by Bass in 1968, then in 2000 Bass sold its brewing operations to the Belgian brewer Interbrew. Shepherd, Green & Hatfield were the first to brew at the site in 1838 at what was then a respectable residential district. By 1895 the brewery was equipped with “an expensive plant…excellent stores and cellars, spacious covered and open yards, offices, stabling and workshops.The marketing and sales offices on the brewery site were completed in 1958. A new £500,000 five storey brewhouse was operational by 1962, and was one of the most up to date in the country. An on-site public house was opened in the basement of the brewery in 1964, initially named The Underground, but later renamed The Pig and Whistle; it was used by brewery workers and visitors to the brewery. At its peak the brewery produced 50,000 hectolitres of cask conditioned Stones each year. The office building was sold off in 1985. In 1992 a visitor’s centre building was opened. In 1995 the brewery was used as a shooting location for the film When Saturday Comes. It all finally closed in 1999 and now has become derelict and an area for local graffiti artists to show off their talent. 

Cannon Brewery 2

Cannon Brewery 1

Cannon Brewery 6

Cannon Brewery 7

Cannon Brewery 46

Cannon Brewery 45

Cannon Brewery 44

Cannon Brewery 43

Cannon Brewery 42

Cannon Brewery 41

Cannon Brewery 40

Cannon Brewery 39

Cannon Brewery 38

Cannon Brewery 37

Cannon Brewery 35

Cannon Brewery 32

Cannon Brewery 31

Cannon Brewery 27

Cannon Brewery 26

Cannon Brewery 25.1

Cannon Brewery 24

Cannon Brewery 22

Cannon Brewery 21

Cannon Brewery 18

Cannon Brewery 17

Cannon Brewery 15

Cannon Brewery 12

Cannon Brewery 9


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