Cookridge Hospital – Leeds – July 2013

Cookridge Hospital in Leeds  first opened its doors for treatment in 1869. It specialised in the treatment of cancer patients from across large parts of the region since 1952, but in 2008 treatment was transferred to St James Hospital in Leeds. Over the years the convalescent hospital was gradually extended, and during the First World War the building was requisitioned to care for wounded servicemen, resuming its civilian role after 1919.In 1939 it was again taken over by the Government and briefly housed the Leeds Maternity Hospital. Other buildings on the site include the Ida ward which was a separate building located nearby. Pictures can be found here The first image is one of the few remaining buildings. 

Cookridge 1

Cookridge 25

Cookridge 23

Cookridge 21

Cookridge 19

Cookridge 16

Cookridge 15

Cookridge 14

Cookridge 13

Cookridge 12

Cookridge 9

Cookridge 8

Cookridge 6

Cookridge 4

Cookridge 2



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