Gray Dunn’s biscuit Factory – Glasgow – June 2013

 Gray Dunn were a Kinning Park-based biscuit makers, the firm was founded in 1853.The company put up a factory in Stanley Street in 1882 after being granted Royal Appointment by Queen Victoria That building was destroyed by fire 13 years later but a replacement was built on site.Gray Dunn’s continued making biscuits, cakes and breads until 1912 when the firm was sold to the Bilsland Bakery.In 2008 it was announced that the Gray Dunn factory, which overlooks the M8, would be transformed into an office development and self-storage building after being bought over by Equiom Trust Company and Personal Storage Developments Glasgow LLP from Ivyhouse Investments. This hasn’t happened to date and the building has been left in a bad way due to vandalism. 

Gray Dunn 1.1

Gray Dunn 1

Gray Dunn 2

Gray Dunn 4

Gray Dunn 5

Gray Dunn 6

Gray Dunn 8

Gray Dunn 10

Gray Dunn 11

Gray Dunn 13

Gray Dunn 15

Gray Dunn 18

Gray Dunn 19

Gray Dunn 21

Gray Dunn 23

Gray Dunn 25

Gray Dunn 26

Gray Dunn 29

Gray Dunn 30

Gray Dunn 31

Gray Dunn 33


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