Northern Asylum – Scotland – June 2013

The building of this hospital began in 1822. The lunatic asylum was established so that mentally ill patients could be treated separately from other patients. Approximately 30 years after the Hospital was built, the east and west wings were added to the private airing courtyards. The number of patients steadily increased, and Clerkseat House, housed by the Physician Superintendent Dr Jamieson, was soon needed to house patients. This section of the Hospital was no longer surplus to their requirements and left to decay. 

Asylum 5

Asylum 6

Asylum 7

Asylum 9

Asylum 10

Asylum 11

Asylum 12

Asylum 16

Asylum 18

Asylum 19

Asylum 21

Asylum 22

Asylum 23

Asylum 27

Asylum 28

Asylum 30

Asylum 33

Asylum 36

Asylum 39

Asylum 41

Asylum 44

Asylum 48

Asylum 49


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