MD Church – Angus – June 2013

MD is a Former Church of Scotland Property built in 1891 by Architect Sir George Washington Browne.The church has lain empty since the 1980’s and in surprisingly good condition externally, but inside tells another story with the walls leaning and the beams detaching themselves from the roof in on the rooms. The church was sold in 2004 to a private developer who applied for planning permission to convert the church into residential accommodation. The developer went into liquidation sometime in between 2009 and 2011 with the property being back on the market for sale. Some attempt has been made to do some work to it but nothing substantial has come from it.

Pigeon Church 1

Pigeon Church 2

Pigeon Church 3

Pigeon Church 4

Pigeon Church 5

Pigeon Church 6

Pigeon Church 7

Pigeon Church 8

Pigeon Church 9

Pigeon Church 10

Pigeon Church 11



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