Brogyntyn Hall – Oswestry – November 2012

Brogyntyn Hall has stood abandoned for 15 years. It was owned by the Lord Harlech until 2000. Settled in the 1600s the house and its estate once presided over the land as far as the eye can see. The family was one of the great English dynasties and owners of Harlech Castle in North Wales as well.
Unfortunately a string of tragedies including two Lords Harlech dying without wills, leaving massive death duties to be paid, saw the decline of the family fortunes and subsequent sale of the Hall. Interestingly it was also used during the war by British Telecom as headquarters for communications for the spy network operating in Europe.

Some old photos of the hall can be found here

Brogyntyn Hall 1

Brogyntyn Hall 4

Brogyntyn Hall 18

Brogyntyn Hall 17

Brogyntyn Hall 16

Brogyntyn Hall 15

Brogyntyn Hall 14

Brogyntyn Hall 13

Brogyntyn Hall 12

Brogyntyn Hall 11

Brogyntyn Hall 10

Brogyntyn Hall 9

Brogyntyn Hall 8

Brogyntyn Hall 7

Brogyntyn Hall 6


14 thoughts on “Brogyntyn Hall – Oswestry – November 2012

  1. I live very close to the hall growing up in Selattyn as I child I was fascinated by the hall every time we drove past on the way into Oswestry. Your pictures are great its my first look inside. Do you have the contact details of whoever the estate is under now?

  2. Wow – so this is where the idea for HTV came from. As a kid we had a caravan in Wales, but lived in Warrington, I remember it being funny that in Warrington we had Granada as our ITV and then when you went to Wales you had HTV. I had quite a good fascination with the Welsh language and the country of Wales, and was quite interested in HTV. I never actually thought why it was called HTV but thanks to a Wikipedia article about HTV I found out it was actually Harlech TV after Lord Harlech founding it. Shame now that all regional identity for ITV is now gone with the takeover of most of the regions by either Carlton or Granada, and then the final Granada takeover of Carlton to form just ITV PLC.

  3. I have just been up to the hall to walk the dog and took a few pictures, who ever bought it would need at least another £5m to renovate it. Shame its got it to that state.

  4. I worked here in the late 1960’s for as it was called in those says The post office engineering department as a typist does anyone else remember this?

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