Newsome Mills – Huddersfield – August 2012

The mill is most familiarly associated with the firm of Taylor & Littlewood, formed in 1873 when Ephraim Beaumont Taylor went into partnership with Joshua Littlewood. Under their management, Newsome Mills developed into a “Splendid block of buildings, mills and weaving sheds of great extent and admirable arrangement.” All cloth manufacturing processes were carried out on the site  – starting with raw wool and ending with the production of fine worsteds. There were 200 looms and 600 employees making trousers, coats and woolen goods.

Newsome Mills is a key part of the identity and history of the area – and local residents want to preserve it. The mill is a local landmark and a site of special historic value, both on a community level and as an important part of the textile heritage of the Huddersfield area. The resonance of this building extends far beyond the familiar chimes of its clock tower, which have fallen silent since the demolition crew arrived on site during Easter 2007.


Newsome Mill 4

Newsome Mill 8

Newsome Mill 9

Newsome Mill 10

Newsome Mill 15

Newsome Mill 16

Newsome Mill 17

Newsome Mill 18

Newsome Mill 19

Newsome Mill 21

Newsome Mill 22

Newsome Mill 23

Newsome Mill 24

Newsome Mill 25

Newsome Mill 26

Newsome Mill 27

Newsome Mill 28


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