Kirkstall Forge – Leeds – August 2012

Kirkstall Forge lays claim to being the longest continually used industrial site in Britain founded in the 13th century by the Cistercian monks of the abbey, and a number of printers. The earliest known activity on the site was a medieval mill race which supplied water to power the corn mill at Kirkstall Abbey. Iron production took place at the forge from the 1580s onwards. During the late 18th century the reconstruction of the upper and lower forges allowed ‘shovel and spade production’ to commence. A railway was built at the forge in 1830 and sustained growth at the plant. World War I brought about large scale growth, providing axles for military vehicles and by 1930 most lorries and buses made in the UK had a Kirkstall back axle casing. In 2002 the owners of the site, the Dana Corporation announced the closure of the works, shifting production toIndia and Spain.The site is undergoing major redevelopment, all that you see on here is left of the site.


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