Old Lane Mill – Halifax – July 2012

In 1816, a mill is recorded here with Jonathan Akroyd. In 1818, it was used by Akroyd, Garlick & Company.
A steam-powered worsted mill was built by James Akroyd in 1825. This was one of the largest mills in the district. The mill was said to be fire-proof.In 1827, Akroyd built the first Jacquard looms in Britain, and the mill was iron-framed and fitted with stone floors – the first in any British mill – to support the machinery.The offices of the Woodside Penny Savings Bank were originally here.The night watchman fired a blunderbuss each night to signal that he was on duty.Owners and tenants of the works have included

Jeremiah Rawson [1836]
William Henry Rawson [1870]
William H. Rawson & Company [1861, 1874]
Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons [1890] – with one or two exceptions, this was the largest dye works in England
Old Lane Dyeworks Company Limited [1905]
Davis, Gordon & Company [1905]
Allen North & Company [1905]

It was damaged by fire on 21st January 1905.The mill later formed a part of the Dean Clough complex.


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