Robin Hood’s grave – W.Yorkshire – June 12

Robin’s grave, 60 yards from the Kirklees gatehouse – thought to be an improbable arrow shot for a dying man – is, today, neglected and overgrown and enclosed in rusted, twisted iron railings, erected in Victorian times.The epitaph reads: “Hear undernead dis laitl stean laiz robert earl of Huntingtun near arcir ber az hei sa geud an pipl kauld im robin heud sick utlawz az hi an iz men vil england nibr si agen obiit 24 kal dekembris 1247″ which translates into:”Robert Earl of Huntingdon lies under this little stone. No archer was like him so good; his wildness named him Robin Hood. For thirteen years, and something more, these northern parts he vexed sore. Such outlaws as he and his men, may England never know again. 8th November 1247”


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